Sunday, July 02, 2006

Phase I - The Bathroom (Update 1 - Paint)

Ok Karen here.
Ok now that you have seen the bathroom before color, here is a photo of how it looks now.

RJ and I have been talking about painting the bathroom. We had gotten a great shower curtain that went with the bathroom, yet the brown was just not cutting it. He mentioned that he would like red. I agreed it would be nice. Cut to 3 months later. We were still hemming and hawing over when we would undertake the bathroom. One Sunday he was going flying with his dad. I decided to " surprise" him and paint the bathroom. I thought 6 hours is long enough to have the whole thing painted and back to normal. Boy was I wrong. I went to Lowes and brought the shower curtain to match the red. That went easy. Bought all the supply's only $60 and off I went. Now first thing is a light sand, ok not bad . Next was taping. Well that sucked. It took over a hour to get it taped. Then I had to get the fixtures off the wall. Another bad situation as some had anchors and some didn't.
Then came the painting. This great color that matched so well went on the walls cherry red. Did I mention how bright it was and I am like. I am going get killed when he sees this but still kept going. I started it and the phrase was " anything is better than that brown" So I get through one coat. And am like yeah I will need 2. My thought is HMM I work at 9 I will do a second coat later. My phone rings and it changes my start time to 3:30am but I am out by 9 am. Hmm I think Ok I can paint after work.
RJ gets home and freaks his bathroom is in his living room and well the paint dried to a great color in need of a second coat. He was surprised and angry.

I think surprised is the key word and boy was his festering his anger. There was a heated discussion at 2:30 am when I was getting ready for work, But I still came back and finished. I painted the second coat then slept. And when he got home he liked it. But the fixtures were now a issue. As they were the generic cheap silver ones and this bathroom was starting to look Victorian.........


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